Rule of Law


The pupils at our school will encounter rules and laws throughout their entire lives. At Pebsham, we want our pupils to understand that whether these rules and laws are leading their class, the school, their neighbourhood or the country, they are set for good reasons and must be adhered to.  We want pupils to learn the difference between right and wrong and how to make judgements about their own actions.

Understanding the importance of rules will be consistently reinforced through assemblies and our curriculum. Pupils have been involved in the creation and shaping of our school rules, the Pebsham5 and through their involvement, they understand the reasons behind the rules and the consequences if they are broken.   Our School Council wrote and designed our playtime rules the Playground High-5 to further the importance for a safe and happy learning environment.

Here are a few of the ways we have been learning about he Rule of Law at Pebsham:


  • Year 4 investigated and crime, held a court case and sentenced the criminal!
  • Year 4 visited the Magistrate’s Court.
  • We developed our School Rules: The Pebsham 5
  • The School Council wrote our Playground rules
  • We understand the consequences of breaking rules and laws.
  • We use Think Sheets to help us learn from our mistakes.
  • Year 3 learn about the law through the work of Robin Hood.
  • We learn about laws in other countries in assemblies.
  • We discuss the reasons why we have laws in our assemblies.
  • Our behaviour rules teach us about right and wrong.
  • Our police liaison officer visits classes to talk about police and the law.
  • We have learnt about EU laws in our assemblies.