Our Unique Curriculum

Our unique curriculum

We believe that learning should be fun, learning should be purposeful and learning should help every child move their understanding forward.

Our Pebsham Curriculum is a creative, broad and balanced curriculum which we have developed to engage and motivate our amazing learners.  The information below will give you a flavour of the learning taking place.  If you would like to find out a little more or want to see the school in action, please contact our School Office.


Click here for our Curriculum leaflet


Our Curriculum Drivers

Underpinning the curriculum are our 'Curriculum Drivers' which prepare children for life as adults and British citizens.  

These drivers are Diversity, Citizenship, Communication and Enterprise and they help us to promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of every child at Pebsham. The children are given the opportunities and experiences to develop drive, a sense of identity and self-worth while securing their principles, values and beliefs.

The Drivers teach respect and tolerance, understanding that others have a range of views and opinions, and  they support children to communicate their own views. In order to prepare children to be able to participate successfully in the community, they are given opportunities to work effectively with each other and to contribute in different ways to the school community; this includes understanding roles and responsibilities, developing interpersonal skills and understanding how societies function.   Pupils will learn about their own culture and other cultures and be aware of the world’s diversity.


As a predominantly single culture school, we believe that diversity needs to be explicitly taught and celebrated across our curriculum.


Communication is at the heart of success and underpins all learning within the school.  We support, encourage and teach our pupils to communicate in many different ways and with a variety of different audiences.


We are dedicated towards the development of successful citizens in modern day Britain and in their wider lives as Global citizens.


As a school in an area of costal deprivation, we are committed to empowering our pupils as adults and entrepreneurs of the future.  


Our Learning Journeys

Each year group has chosen their Learning Journeys (topic areas) to fit the age and ability of their class.  Each Learning Journey will incorporate our 4 'Drivers' within them.

Click on the logo below to see our curriculum and the Learning Journeys we have developed to create our unique curriculum:

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Our British Values

Alongside our Drivers and Curriculum, we teach both explicitly and implicitly a set of British Values.  Click on the buttons below to find examples of how we learn about the British Values at Pebsham:

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Reading and Phonics

Our School uses Letters and Sounds to teach KS1 phonics.  Phonics is taught daily in Foundation Stage and Years 1 and 2.   Children in Years 3-6 take part in weekly Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons to ensure their progression in literacy.

We use a range of reading schemes to teach and promote a love of reading throughout the school however the main schemes are Oxford Reading and Project X.  When children are reading fluently and with clear understanding they move from a scheme to free reading.  Guided reading is taught in every class throughout our School; Guided Reading allows small focus groups to work with a member of staff to develop and extend their reading understanding and develop their higher literacy skills. 


Yearly Overviews

To view any of the yearly overviews please click the appropriate link below:


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