EYFS Starfish

The Starfish staff are: Miss Payne, Mrs Latter, Miss Ward and Mrs Lawrence


Term 1

‘Super Me’

Our first topic is a chance to find out all about what makes each member of our class so super! We celebrate similarities and differences, in appearance, likes and dislikes, where we live, our families and our talents.

Term 2


This term we find out about the different celebrations happening at this time of year, in different countries and cultures. From Bonfire Night to Diwali finishing with Christmas, the children are encouraged to be respectful of the similarities and differences between their own celebrations and those of others.

Term 3

‘Food Glorious Food’

Our favourite topic…with lots of opportunities for cooking and tasting!! Covering foods from different parts of the world, the importance of a healthy diet and foods that are part of celebrations and traditions, the children will have a chance to learn basic cookery skills as well as continuing to develop the other areas of learning.

Term 4

‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’

As the name suggests we will indeed be hunting for bears! Our hunt will take us through a number of bear stories, non-fiction books and also out and about to see what (or who!) we can find!

Term 5

‘Wild and Wonderful’

Living things, big and small, are the stars of this term. The children will be exploring and investigating living things including minibeasts and plants. There will be opportunities for planting and growing, as well as getting up close and personal with some furry, feathered and scaly new friends!

Term 6

‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’

How can we live so close to the sea and not celebrate it at some point during the year! We round off our learning using a variety of sea themed stories and books and of course with some visits to the beach! Get practising your ‘arrrrr, jim lad’s’ ready for Piratey fun too!