Year 1 Goby Fish

The Goby Fish staff are: Mr Coleman & Mrs Simpson


Term 1 - Lost in Space!



Year 1 found a crash site in the school. Beegu, an alien from outer space, crash landed on Earth and it was down to the children to help him find his way home. Did we succeed or was Beegu lost here forever? We learnt about space, discovered lost planets and created our own friends for Beegu to play with on Earth.


Term 2 - Illuminate



We will be looking at The Dark by Lemony Snicket. What is the dark? How do we feel? Is the dark scary? All these answers will be revealed over the course of the term. We will also be looking at the change in light over the seasons in a year as we move into the winter months.


Term 3 - Jambo!

Over the course of the term we will be looking at everything relating to Africa. Finding out about the country and exploring the different culture. The children will have a chance to experiment with African music as we will be receiving a drumming masterclass.


Term 4 - Tractionman

Traction Man

Year 1 will be exploring what it will take to become superheroes with the help of ‘Traction Man’ written by Mini Grey. Embarking on a superhero day that will test their strength and stamina the children will begin to discover what it takes to become a superhero. 


Term 5 - Seashore Secrets

Waves crashing against the shore. Sun beaming down on the sand. Buckets and spades at the ready... The beach is calling. Year 1 will be exploring the secrets that the seashore holds. Venturing down to the beach every week to learn about the outdoors and an environment that is right on our doorstep.


Term 6 - Shiver me Timbers

In our final term we will be turning into pirates and discovering the long lost treasure of Pebsham. A map has been found with clues to the treasure. Can we find it? Can we crack the code? Captain Coleman leads the class on an adventure that will really shiver your timbers!