Year 2 Jelly Fish

The Jellyfish staff are: Mrs Brett, Mrs Slatcher & Miss Whittaker


Term 1





This term we have been learning about Mary Anning a famous fossil-hunter born in 1799. We have been keeping our own diaries to record Mary’s Journey and we have been making our own fossils!



Term 2


Thunderbolts and Lightning



We will be finding out about extreme weathers and natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. We will be looking at ways to conquer our fears through our wonderful learning journey texts.


Term 3




We will be entering a world of magic and will be learning how to perform magic and circus tricks.




Term 4


Let the Battle commence!





We will be travelling back in time to 1066 and

will follow in the footsteps of king Harold and William the Conqueror. As part of the learning journey we will be visiting the site of the Battle of Hastings: Battle Abbey.

Terms 5&6


The Island

We will be learning about Islands and how to survive on an Island. We will be learning about adventurers such as Bear Grylls and will learn survival tips.