Year 4 Anemones

The Anemones staff are: Miss Walls-Brück and Mrs Willis


Terms 1 and 2 - Time Travellers

To begin Year 4 we go on a Time Travelling adventure along with Tristain, from our book The Viewer by Gary Crew and Shaun Tan. We visit a vast array of history, from the beginning of the world to the atomic bomb. Along the way we meet important historical figures and consider the consequences of some their actions to what we know as our World today.

Homework please click here for Term 1 homework

Homework please click here for Term 2 homework

Terms 3 and 4 - It Wasn't Me!

There has been a terrible crime at Pebsham Primary Academy! Who are the best people to solve it, Year 4 of course! Throughout this topic we use Science investigations to explore different clues from the crime scene to narrow down which suspect committed the crime. One we have collected our evidence we take our suspect to court for the judge to decide their fate!

     Verdict From Pebsham Court


Terms 5 & 6 - Eco-Warriors

We begin our Eco-Warrior topic following Maia’s journey from England to the Amazon rainforest in our book, Journey to the River Sea.

We learn about different locations of rainforests and the different climates across the World. In term 6 we begin reading The Great Kapok Tree and explore the current threats to the rainforest and look at ways in which we can protect our environment.