Year 5 Kittiwakes

The Kittiwake staff are: Mrs Claridge, Mrs Stiles and Mrs Simpson



Terms 1 & 2 War Games

In Terms 1 and 2, Kittiwakes go back in time to World War 1. They study the book 'War Game' which tells the story of a group of “pals” who enlist together, and describes their experiences at the front. The children write diary entries, letters and descriptions. They also create artwork inspired by the text and use non-fiction texts to explore what life was like in the trenches. A visit to Bexhill Museum helps them understand Bexhill’s involvement in World War 1.

Terms 3 & 4 Frozen World

During these 2 terms Kittiwakes learn about Shackleton’s amazing and ill-fated journey to Antarctica using “Shackleton’s Journey” by William Grill as the key text. Each child adopts the character of a member of the crew and looks at the events of the voyage from his point of view; applying for membership of the crew; and writing diary entries and letters. They also use a range of different art techniques including batique, pastel work and collage to explore themes and ideas related to Antarctica.

Terms 5 & 6 Silks and Spices

In Terms 5 and 6 the class explore the amazing and diverse country of India.

Children investigate the climate and geographical features of India. We read a number of traditional Indian tales from the book “Seasons of Splendour” by Madhur Jaffrey and use them as a stimulus for the children’s own writing. Children also learn a Bollywood style Indian dance and dress up in traditional costumes. They explore the lifecycles of different animals and plants. During Term 6 the focus is “Jungle Book” and its author Rudyard Kipling. The children explore his life and write biographies. The year culminates with a visit to Kipling’s home, Batemans, where we find links to all 3 of our year 5 Learning Journeys.