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Maths – With Adult Challenge! 

Choose a place you can safely walk to with an adult. Count the number of ordinary steps it takes you both to get there. [Adults should end with a smaller total] Each measure a single stride of your own. Times the stride by the number of steps taken. Compare your answer to the adults, how close are they? Should they be the same or different why?

Topic - Using the template below [or creating your own of the same size] create the obverse and reverse [front and back] of a brand new coin.


Obverse [front] – Design which represents our school and its Wild Beach connection. 

Reverse [back] – Design which represents Seagulls’ Class  with  2017-2018.


Homework for Friday 20th October

This week we would like you to write your own poem on any subject of your choice.  This poem does need to be handwritten not typed. Neatly and interestingly presented; no longer than a page of A4. Remember that poems do not have to rhyme. Please also complete the maths questions below.

Time questions  [This is an example of the first question on the homework grid]

  1.  Complete the table giving the lengths of two train journeys


Time in hours and minutes

Time in minutes

Journey 1

4 hours 10 minutes


Journey 2

5 hours 45 minutes