Learning outside the classroom


Beach photos year 6 Jan 2017 026

Mrs Wood has amazed Year 6 on their first Wild Beach Visit for RE!



Measuring the length of the Titanic on the sea front


‘All at Sea’

    50 things to do before you are 11 ¾

Climb a tree

Roll down a really big hill

Camp out in the wild

Build a den

Skim a stone

Run around in the rain

Fly a kite

Catch a fish with a net

Eat an apple straight from a tree

Play conkers

Go on a really long bike ride

Make a trail with sticks

Make a mud pie

Dam a stream

Dance and make footprints in the sand

Make a daisy chain

Walk over Galley Hill and along the beach in front - 25th May 2017



Create some wild art                                                                                                        

Play pooh sticks

Jump over waves

Pick blackberries growing in the wild

Take a look inside a tree

Make a grass trumpet

Visit a farm

Go for a walk barefoot on grass/beach pebbles

Make a shell mobile

Go star gazing

Make a sandcastle

Explore a cave

Hold a scary beast

Hunt for bugs

Track wild animals

Discover what's in a pond

Find some frogspawn

Catch a falling leaf

Make a home for a wild animal

Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool

Sketch a river

Catch a crab

Go on a nature walk at night

Plant it, grow it, eat it

Go swimming in the sea

Go kayaking

Go bird watching

Find your way with a map and compass

Try rock climbing

Cook on a campfire

Make a picture using only natural materials

Watch the sun come up

Go body-boarding