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Welcome to Pebsham Primary Academy,  the school where every child shines! 

We are sometimes asked why our school is special.  My answer is that we believe that every child in our school is important, every child should have the opportunity to learn and be happy at school, every child should feel safe and every child should have the opportunity to shine and as a school we aim to fulfil this and let every child shine!    

Our school motto encompasses this, Pebsham Primary Academy – where every child shines!  I recently asked children in assembly how we could explain our motto – one child said we are all stars and we shine at different things. That is how we like to work here – every child has skills and talents and it is our job to offer them opportunities to share and develop and even discover new talents.

Our vision encompasses how we are growing as a school – we want our school to be the best it can be…

  • We want a school where everyone is inspired to believe they can achieve anything and be given the opportunity to do so.
  • We want a school where a deep rooted love of learning is nurtured through fun, inspiring and memorable experiences.
  • We want a school where a child’s natural curiosity and creativity are embraced in a safe, happy and secure environment.
  • We want a school which is loved by the children and valued by Parents, Staff, Governors and our Community.

We are very proud of our Pebsham Pupils. They work hard and are determined to do their personal best in everything.  Our School Council, made up of pupils from each year group, make a huge difference to our School, ensuring that the children all contribute to our school development and that every pupil, through the Council, has a voice which is heard and appreciated. 

Rachel Martin  




Contact: office@pebsham-tkat.org or head@pebsham-tkat.org