Tolerance of Others

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Our Pebsham curriculum which encompasses our RE teaching and Learning Journey themes, allows us to offer learning which is culturally rich and diverse and in which major religions are studied and respected.  Through our curriculum and daily school life, we aim to support our pupils in developing an understanding that we live in a diverse world. 

Our pupils understand that people have different faiths and beliefs and that this allows us to ask interesting questions and to develop our knowledge further.    Through their time at Pebsham, we support our pupils to become knowledgeable and understanding citizens of our future Britain.

Pupils demonstrate this value though many aspects of their daily lives and time at our school, listed below are a few examples:


  • We celebrate World Religion Day.
  • We follow our Golden Value.  We have learnt about this value in many different religions.
  • We learn about Divali and make Diva lamps in Year 5.
  • We celebrate with our Year 6 pupils at St Michael’s Church.
  • We hold our annual Carol Concert at St Michael’s.
  • We learn about different places of worship in RE and assemblies.
  • We learn about different celebrations in different faiths and cultures.
  • We learn about Chinese New Year and other festivals in assemblies. 
  • We learn about our world using the Olympics or Sports competitions to help us.
  • We learn about how people are all different and all special.
  • We celebrate languages and learn words, phrases and songs from across the World.
  • We learn about Holocaust Day.
  • We listen to stories and music from lots of different cultures.
  • We celebrated Harvest each year, learning songs to help us celebrate.l.
  • We have children from Glyne Gap School who join our learning and play at times.
  • We celebrate International Day of Tolerance.
  • Year 6 learn about how the class system was used when on board the Titanic.
  • Year 5 learn about how wars have changed our lives and why World War 1 started.
  • We are hosting a paralympic Boccia contest this year.