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Pupils at Pebsham Primary Academy are involved in leadership roles across the school; often voted in to these positions, pupils are able to lead as School Councillors, offering a voice for the pupils, they vote for their Green Team representatives and also vote for 'classmates of the year' etc.

We feel that democracy can be taught throughout our curriculum and throughout the life of the school.  In assemblies we learn about the wider aspects of democracy and how this impacts on our daily lives.

Elections and debates form a part of our learning and children are keen to be fully involved and want their learning to develop and grow. 

Below are a few of the ways our pupils demonstrate their learning about Democracy:


  • We help decide which charities we raise money for.
  • We help to develop school policies like our behaviour policy and the values of our school.
  • We vote for our School Council Representatives.
  • We ask our School Council to discuss issues we thisnk are important.
  • We vote for our ‘Classmate of the Year’ in July.
  • We have a say in what happens in our school.
  • We asked to collect for Warming up the homeless this year.
  • We asked to collect £160 for Breakfast packs for the homeless - we will be doing this in January.
  • We have learnt about raising money for charity and how the Government has helped us with this.
  • We learnt about General Elections and the work of the Government through our assemblies.
  • We learnt about Women’s rights and the rights to vote.
  • We voted for our motto:  Where every child shines.