Careers and Aspirations

Every 2 years, we hold a “Careers and Aspirations Fair”.  This is a chance for all of our children to talk to people in different jobs in our local community.


January 2019 

On Friday 4th January, Pebsham Primary Academy held their bi-annual Careers and Aspirations’ Day.  Children, from every class, spent the morning learning about working life.  Children thought about their dream careers and the qualities, qualifications and training needed in a variety of roles.

At Pebsham, we feel that it is important to challenge our pupils to think ahead to their future.   The Careers and Aspirations’ Day gives them a unique opportunity and supports our pupils to set themselves aspirational goals in life.



In the afternoon, the Pebsham pupils visited a Careers Fair in the School Hall.  Children had the opportunity to speak to a range of visitors with a variety of occupations including: a Dog Groomer, Police Officer, a Registrar, Specialist Engineer, Prison Warden, Ambulance Technician, Hair and Make-up artist for Media and Theatre, Shared Living Provider, a senior Learning and Development Consultant and even a Smile Coach.

Alison Purdy, a local artist, spoke to the children and shared some of her amazing beach art.   It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to really appreciate the work and talents of a local artist; especially as her work links so beautifully with the beach learning which underpins our curriculum


The children were fascinated by the variety of careers on display as the Fair, they were able to ask questions from ‘what the role entails’ to ‘what inspired the visitor to choose that particular career’.

One pupil said, ‘I thought that the Fair was very helpful, fun and made me think about how jobs are not just for money.  It is also about having interest in the job you are doing and having knowledge about the job you may be applying for.’

Another pupil explained, ‘I thought the Career fair was amazing, because not only did we get to do a range of activities, but the whole school came together to learn about what could be our future.’





July 2016

In July 2016, Pebsham held a Careers and Aspiration's Fair.  Children, from every class, were given the opportunity to speak to visitors with a variety of careers.  Children heard from a Health Visitor, a Solicitor, an Architech, a Poet (who signed and sold his books for pupils and staff), an Author and many others. 

Below are some quotes from the children after the last event:

“The Careers and Aspirations Fair was helpful and there was a range of careers I hadn’t considered before”

“I thought the careers fair was useful, and it was fun to find out about new jobs like health visitors, life guards and football coaches”

“I learnt a lot about engineering and writing as I spoke to an engineer and a writer. There was a wide range of jobs to choose from, footballers to poets, from engineers to life guards; it was all there!”

careers 2

“The fair has taught me things that I never knew, like computers design buildings as small as a millimetre upwards, and it is very difficult to record an exact design on a computer”

"The fair made me think of what I would like to be when I am older"


"The fair was a good idea as I could talk to other people with different careers and it made me think of what I would like to do when I grow up"

"The fair helped me gain confidence to talk to people I don't know, and ask lots of questions about their careers" 



"The fair has made me even more inspired to push on in all my aspects in school, to become a mechanic creating the first flying car"

"The fair was a unique experience, and it also showed and inspired me that I can combine 2 jobs"

"The fair has given me inspiration to become a lifeguard as well as a beautician"

careers 3


If you would like to be involved in our next Careers and Aspirations' Day, please contact the School Office.