Carers and Aspirations Fair

Every 2 years, we hold a “Careers and Aspirations Fair”.  This is a chance for all of our children to talk to people in different jobs in our local community.

Below are some quotes from the children after the last event:

“The Careers and Aspirations Fair was helpful and there was a range of careers I hadn’t considered before”

“I thought the careers fair was useful, and it was fun to find out about new jobs like health visitors, life guards and football coaches”

“I learnt a lot about engineering and writing as I spoke to an engineer and a writer. There was a wide range of jobs to choose from, footballers to poets, from engineers to life guards; it was all there!”

careers 2

“The fair has taught me things that I never knew, like computers design buildings as small as a millimetre upwards, and it is very difficult to record an exact design on a computer”


"The fair made me think of what I would like to be when I am older"


"The fair was a good idea as I could talk to other people with different careers and it made me think of what I would like to do when I grow up"


"The fair helped me gain confidence to talk to people I don't know, and ask lots of questions about their careers" 

careers 3

"The fair has made me even more inspired to push on in all my aspects in school, to become a mechanic creating the first flying car"


"The fair was a unique experience, and it also showed and inspired me that I can combine 2 jobs"


"The fair has given me inspiration to become a lifeguard as well as a beautician"



Our next Careers and Aspirations' Fair is Friday 4th January 2019.  If you would like to be involved, please contact the School Office.