Our Unique Curriculum

Our curriculum model aims to reach every pupil within the school and balances the acquisition of knowledge with the development of key skills. It excites, inspires and motivates our pupils and staff, giving learning an engaging context whilst promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We are dedicated to preparing our pupils for the part they will play within the community and for life in modern Britain.

Our Intent is to:

  • Provide bespoke opportunities for pupils to develop independence, determination, enquiry and positive well-being.
  • Immerse children in a meaningful, inspiring and challenging curriculum, which supports the development of fluency and knowledge.
  • Ensure every child achieves their potential and shows the respect and emotional maturity supporting them to engage in our local community.
  • Provide learning experiences and opportunities for deep understanding, which the children can transfer between subjects and phases of their education.
  • Use our local environment to support, enthuse and enhance learning for all pupils.



We understand that the Learning Journeys must allow for the depth of study to be maintained in each year group. In order to ensure that this happens, the long-term curriculum map only make links to the Learning Journey when it is appropriate and, if skills or knowledge need to be taught discretely, they will be. Learning is staged and builds on prior learning and knowledge. Children are provided with an opportunity to revisit vital skills and knowledge regularly and to embed this learning, allowing them to develop as the experts.


We believe that every child has a strength and can achieve.  We belive that every child deserves the chance to receive feedback, make progress and experience opportunities that deepen their learning in all subjects.  We track every child's progress across the different curriculum areas.

Priority on identifying opportunities in the structured and unstructured curriculum for children to learn about safeguarding is core to our school.  Click here for further details.

To find out more about our Curriculum, please contact the School Office and we can arrange an appointment with our Curriculum Leader. 

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Our Learning Journeys

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Our British Values

Alongside our Drivers and Curriculum, we teach both explicitly and implicitly a set of British Values.  Click on the buttons below to find examples of how we learn about the British Values at Pebsham:

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Reading and Phonics

Our School uses Letters and Sounds to teach KS1 phonics.  Phonics is taught daily in Foundation Stage and Years 1 and 2.   Children in Years 3-6 take part in weekly Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons to ensure their progression in literacy.

In Y1 we teach Daily Supported Reader and from Y1 - Y6 Destination Reader.  For more information on these,

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Yearly Overviews

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