Reading at Pebsham

Pebsham Reading

At Pebsham we teach reading through two schemes Daily Supported Reader in Year1, and Destination Reader in Years 2-6. 


Find out a little more about these:

DSR accelerates reading levels for all children in Y1

The Daily Supported Reading Programme is a classroom programme that helps to move all children on in their reading. It is delivered initially to Year 1, then introduced into Reception and then for lowest attaining children in Year 2 for maximum impact across the school.

DSR helps children make accelerated progress by working with trained adults in small groups matched to their independent reading levels. This method has a proven track record of success in raising school reading standards as KS1.

Children are benchmarked prior to the project to level according to reading fluency and understanding.    DSR uses primarily PM reading books to support, however after level 12 a range of books are included.   DSR uses scripts to support and ensure consistency and high quality questioning.   Children should read over 70 books per year using this scheme.  It is thought that the majority of children will move up a level approximately every 2-3 weeks.


  • Establishes strong systems for organising reading support
  • Ensures that all children make maximum progress in reading
  • Provides professional development for staff to improve their provision of reading support


Pebsham DSR Organisation

Our Year 1 pupils are split into 5 groups of 6 children.  A trained adult supports each group.  Adults rotate weekly to maximise support, ensuring high quality teaching.

Adults meet weekly to discuss groupings, levels and key learning points.  Further training is provided through these meetings as well.  Each child is discussed within the groups and assessments reviewed.  Groupings are fluid and changes can be made at any time.

The Literacy Lead selects the new texts for the following week for the DSR adults ensuring consistency and progression.  


Destination Reader - Developing children's understanding of texts in Y2-6 through the use of strategies and language stems

Destination Reader is a new approach to teaching reading in KS2. The approach involves daily sessions incorporating whole class modelling, prior to the children applying these skills through partner work and independent reading. Children deepen their understanding of the texts they read through the systematic use of a series of strategies and language stems.

Destination Reader is not a scheme or reliant on specific texts, but aims to improve teachers' understanding of pedagogy in reading.

Feedback from the 30 schools currently using the Destination Reader programme has shown improved confidence for both teachers and children in their approach to reading. Children read with greater understanding, independence and, above all, enjoy reading more.


  • Provides a systematic approach to the teaching of reading across KS2
  • Enables children to develop key strategies which deepen their understanding of texts
  • Develops children’s motivation to read broadly for pleasure and purpose
  • Increases children’s ability to lead their learning through the acquisition of key learning behaviours
  • Places children at the centre of a formative approach to assessment in reading
  • This approach can be applied to schools’ existing texts and broader curriculum


Pebsham DSR Organisation

At Pebsham we use DR from Years 2 to 6.    Teachers introduced the scheme by teaching classes about different learning behaviours – Discuss and explain, support and listen and taking responsibility.

They then move towards the introduction of 7 learning stems – predicting, questioning, clarifying, summarising, evaluating, inferring and making links.   Each stem has a week’s focus before moving to the next.  Each week children complete 2 ‘Selfies’ – short assessment tasks and 1 ‘Big Picture’ – a longer comprehension assessment task.

In Year 2 we have altered the number of stems and made them a little more accessible to the younger child to enable Year 2 to be part of this project.

Reading Awards

We challenge the children to become awesome at reading by joining in our challege.  The children need to read every day and record this in their reading records.

Children will receive prizes for the days they read.  This term children are trying to earn 'Snack Shop' vouchers and even water fights on the field.

World Book Day

Some of our teachers getting dressed up for World Book Day.

Rachel and Stephen Julian


Anika Rachel S