Wild Beach at Pebsham

To further develop learning and to provide opportunities to forge links with our locality and community, we have incorporated Wild Beach into our curriculum; this allows our pupils to develop a sense of ownership of their local beach.  It teaches children about the environment and coastal issues. 

Regular visits promote an understanding of the natural world and coastal settings; this allows the children to build connections with nature and their locality.

It delivers opportunities for discussion on how to be safe on the beach and other associated risks.  It provides activities to stimulate interest and to provide ideas to develop their own learning.   

We will:

  • Promote outdoor learning
  • Create opportunities to enthuse, motivate and enhance learning.
  • Create citizens
  • Observe changes to an environment over time
  •  Experience the wonder of an outdoor setting/learning environment
  • Connect children to the natural environment

Engender a respect for the locality