Parents and the Curriculum

Curriculum and Outdoor Learning

28th November - 9.00am - 10.00am in the Lighthouse

Enjoy a cup of tea/coffee whilst finding out a little more about our unique Pebsham Curriculum and Seashore Explorers.

Earn a badge for your child's sash by attending!

By Popular demand an after school session is now going to be arranged!


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'A fantastic approach to learning, using our beautiful coastline. It is great for the children to get out and use the learning resources the beach has to offer. It also teaches the children to look after, preserve and respect the natural world.'

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'Lovely to see and hear the ways in which the pupils are being inspired and subjects and learning linked. Love the beach idea and looking after the environment too, especially as, as a family this is something we focus on. Thank you.' 

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'The reason we chose this school for our son was because they make learning interesting and engaging to keep children interested and inspire them to grow.'


'How wonderful for the children to experience the outdoors as part of their everyday learning. A fabulous addition to the curriculum!'

'Such a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn in a way that is natural to them. I think the opportunity to learn through questioning, discussing and trying again is a great skill for life.'

'Using the beach is a fantastic 'free-resource' that teaches the children so much. Thanks for all the effort!'


The winning kite!*

As selected by fair vote by all of the children of the school during Beach Assembly on Monday 03rd December 2018

*Selection was made by the general presentation of the kite and the appeal to the children. Scientific considerations can be applied with a later flight of the kites!


Parents supporting Singing Club, Community Singing at Tescos. Thank you.