Home Learning


At Pebsham Primary Academy we hold the belief that Home Learning has a positive effect on pupils’ learning.

We recognise that in its broadest sense Home Learning is any kind of learning which takes place out of school. However, for our purposes we will consider it to be:

  • Work set by teachers and completed at home in a given time.
  • Work which reflects or develops class work and has clearly understood expectations regarding standards.
  • Work which helps pupils make progress through learning new skills or consolidating previous learning.


Through setting Home Learning, we aim to:

  • Encourage independence and good learning habits
  • Consolidate work and key skills taught in school and therefore raise attainment levels
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for parents to become involved in children's learning


Different types of Home Learning will be given different timescales.

  1. Daily Reading should take place on a daily basis and recorded by parents in reading record books. KS2 year groups 3 – 6 may record their own reading and this is regularly signed by an adult.
  2. Weekly Times tables will be set weekly and families will be informed of the day these are set each week. Year 6 will receive weekly Maths/Literacy/Topic tasks. These will offer a combination of challenge and revision of key skills.
  3. Termly Each term a ‘Task sheet’ will be set in EYFS and Year 1-5. There will be a selection of tasks on the sheet and children are asked to select at least 4 to complete – 1 from each column; these tasks contain a series or easier and more challenging task levels.


Examples of recent Home Learning:                                                     

stone homework                       Seagull Homework                         Stone art

Home Learning from the Beach / Outdoor Learning section

decoration 2                          decoration 1

Traditionally made Victorian Decorations

Macbeth 2                      War Letter                     Macbeth 1

Two letters from Macbeth and one from the Trenches in World War One

Poem                        Shine coin                      clock