Parent Workshops

Parents - Find out more and have your say!

We regularly hold Meetings and Workshops to keep our parents and families informed and give time for parents to ask questions. 

Our recent meetings have been:

Croissants and Calculations - 6th November 2018

A chance for parents to find out a little more about how we teach Maths at Pebsham and to ask questions about maths teaching and the methods used for calculating.  Parents were able to hear about our PACE system and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a croissant.  

Doughnuts and Read - 20th November 2018          

A meeting for parents to find out about how we teach Reading across the school and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a doughnut.  Children then joined familes in the Hall and spent a little time reading before parents completed their child's reading record with them. 

Curriculum and Outdoor Learning - 28th November 2018       

Parents enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee whilst finding out about our unique Pebsham Curriculum and Wild Beach School teaching.  Parents earnt a badge for their child's sash by attending!


'A fantastic approach to learning, using our beautiful coastline. It is great for the children to get out and use the learning resources the beach has to offer. It also teaches the children to look after, preserve and respect the natural world.'

'Lovely to see and hear the ways in which the pupils are being inspired and subjects and learning linked. Love the beach idea and looking after the environment too, especially as, as a family this is something we focus on. Thank you.'

'How wonderful for the children to experience the outdoors as part of their everyday learning. A fabulous addition to the curriculum!'

'Such a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn in a way that is natural to them. I think the opportunity to learn through questioning, discussing and trying again is a great skill for life.'

'Using the beach is a fantastic 'free-resource' that teaches the children so much. Thanks for all the effort!'


Inclusion at Pebsham - 7th December 2018      

Parents heard about inclusion and provision at Pebsham and how we support our pupils. Parents found out about some of the resources used to support pupils and their learning whilst enjoying a bacon sandwich together.  


'I liked the introduction to inclusion and finding out more about what is in place. Very helpful - I learned a lot!'       

'I learnt that the children are individually assessed and have different levels of learning if under or over acheiving (challenged and supported)'


Online Safety - 9th January 2019 

Find out about Online dangers and ways of keeping children safe online.  This workshop was led by Triple P Parenting trainers.  


Inclusion Coffee Morning - 30th April 2019 

Parents were able to hear about the latest developments at school with regards to ‘inclusion’. They saw some of the resources and interventions available and learnt about the impact these can have and how parents can support at home. 

Parents were joined by Barbara Clarke our SEN Governor from Glyne Gap School who introduced the ‘signing and speaking’ programme used at Pebsham.
Discussion took place as to how we are focusing on all children’s emotional well-being throughout the school day.



Family Keywork Service Coffee Morning 17th May