School Council support 'Warming up the Homeless'

In assembly Mrs Martin had  asked children the question ‘Should we give money to the homeless?’  

Children answered in many different ways but we were all really impressed when one child said, ‘We could help them in other ways, give them food or blankets to keep warm.’

So, the School Council decided to run a project for the local charity, Warming Up The Homeless.

The charity helps homeless men and women in Hastings, St Leonards, Bexhill and Eastbourne.  We asked parents and families to bring in canned, bottled and  packets of food, jumpers, coats, duvets and blankets to help. 

We were very pleased with how many different things came into school.  We had so many that we had to move them away from the front of the Hall!

Mrs Martin invited Lesley, who works for the charity into school, to talk to the School Council about the charity and the work they do.  The children asked lots of questions about the charity. 

What really surprised them was that the charity take 160 breakfast bags out to local homeless people every day.  Each bag costs £1 to put together.   A new collection idea for us, here at Pebsham we think...