Year 1 Goby Fish


Yr1 Goby


The Goby Fish staff are: Mr Brown & Mrs Simpson




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Term 1                                    Term 2                                          Term 3                                        Term 4 and 5                                        Term 6


Term 1 - Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Key Question: What makes a real-life hero?


Traction Man


As the children embark into Year 1 they will be understanding what real life heroes are. Are they just someone who wears a cape? Our learning journey explores the world of "Traction Man" and begins to investigate what turns someone into Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Term 2 - Jaws, Paws and Claws

Key Question: Jaws, paws or claws, which are the best to have?


Lost and Found


As it nears towards Christmas the children will be finding out about the South Pole and delving head first into "Lost and Found" by Oliver Jeffers. We will be looking at different continents across the world and understanding why certain penguins live in the South Pole. Why is this penguin lost on our doorstep? We shall find out...


Term 3 - Jambo!

What is amazing about Africa?


Over the course of the term we will be looking at everything relating to Africa. Finding out about the country and exploring the different culture. The children will have a chance to experiment with African music as we will be receiving a drumming masterclass.


Terms 4 and 5 - Lost!

Space, is anyone out there?



Year 1 found a crash site in the school. Beegu, an alien from outer space, crash landed on Earth and it was down to the children to help him find his way home. Did we succeed or was Beegu lost here forever? We learnt about space, discovered lost planets and created our own friends for Beegu to play with on Earth.


 Term 6 - Shiver me Timbers

Shivers my Timbers

 In our final term we will be turning into pirates and discovering the long lost treasure of Pebsham. A map has been found with clues to the treasure. Can we find it? Can we crack the code? Captain Brown leads the class on an adventure that will really shiver your timbers!