Year 2 Jelly Fish


The Jellyfish staff are: Miss Manlow and Mrs Slatcher


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       Term 1                    Term 2                                  Term 3                                        Term 4 and 5                  Term 6


Term 1 - Curiosities

Key Question: How did the dinosaurs become extinct?

This term we will be travelling back in time to 1799, when Mary Anning the world famous fossil-hunter was born. We will be keeping our own diaries to record Mary’s journey and amazing discoveries, as well as making our own fossils. We will also be learning about different dinosaurs and why they became extinct!

stone girl bone girl

Term 2 - Woodland Wonders

Key Question: How do foxes survive in the woods?

We will be following the journey of ‘Fox’ as he learns to survive in the wilderness and has to cope with losing his best friend Star. We will be gaining a deeper understanding of Fox’s thoughts and feelings through drama techniques such as conscience alley. We will be learning about the importance of habitats focussing on woodlands.

The fox and the star

Term 3 - Abracadabra!

Key Question: How have circuses changed since the olden days?

Be aware of the magic box! Do you dare to step inside? This term we will be entering a mysterious world of magic and trickery. We will learn about the magician Abdul Kazam and his intriguing magic box. As part of the topic we will be taking part in a circus workshop, learning how to perform real-life circus tricks! Prepare to be amazed!


Leon and the Place Between


Terms 4 and 5 -  Let the Battle Commence!

Key Question: What really happened to Harold Godwinson?

Ready, steady, shoot!!! The time is 1066 and Harold Godwinson, King of England and William of Normandy are preparing to battle! We will be re-enacting the battle on the school field, imagining what it was really like to be fighting in one of the greatest battles on Earth! We will be visiting Battle Abbey to see the very spot where the battle took place and to test out the shields, swords, arrows and armour!

battle of hastings


Term 6 - The Island

Key Question: How many different islands can you name? (How many can you spot using an atlas?)

LAND AHOY! We’re off on an adventure to the Island of Struay to visit Katie Morag and her family. We will be learning about what life is like on a small island and how they get their food and post delivered! We will be developing our map skills by plotting key places onto a map, researching different islands around the world, alongside learning about the human and physical features of an island. We will learn Scottish traditions such as learning to weave, bake shortbread and will listen to the bagpipes!

katie morag island stories