Year 4 Anemones


The Anemones staff are: Miss Harris and Mrs Horscroft

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                   Terms 1 and 2                                                  Terms 3 and 4                                            Terms 5 and 6

Term 1 and 2 - Time Travellers

Key Question: If you could travel in time, which period of history would be the best to visit and why?


When Barney falls down the cliff of the chalk pit he lands in what might be a rubbish dump. But the dump turns out to be the home of Stig, a cave-boy who turns what he finds to good use. Stig and Barney have a series of wonderful adventures in Barney’s world from scaring Barney’s enemies to chasing away Granny’s burglars. And then, Barney finds himself back in Stig’s world for a special adventure set way back in the past.

Terms 3 and 4 - The Iron Giant

Key Question: What are the best qualities in a person?

 iron man

Mankind must put a stop to the dreadful destruction caused by the Iron Man. A trap is set for him, but he cannot be kept down. Then, when a terrible monster from outer space threatens to lay waste to the planet, it is the Iron Man who finds a way to save the world.


Terms 5 and 6 - Saving Planet Earth

Key Question: I what ways can children help to protect the planet?


yr4 001

Omar is fiercely competitive and very impatient about anything that holds him back. . . especially other people. Activity camp is brilliant because he's the best at all the challenges, it's just so annoying that not all his teammates are as quick or brave or strong as he is. It would be much easier just to ditch them and go it alone.

But when he's given a mysterious compass it transports him to a thick jungle that is impossible to get through quickly - he has to learn to move with the rhythm of the environment around him with the help of his guide, adventurer Bear Grylls. Can his time in the rainforest change his mind about what makes someone successful? And who will he give the compass to next?