Phonic Sounds

This term we will be learning the following phonic sounds (see below). Please support your child by encouraging them to read and write words containing these sounds (examples provided in brackets).

ai (rain, paint, nail, train, snail) 
ay (spray, hay, clay, play, tray)
a_e (shake, date, mistake, rake, gate)

ee (three, breeze, sheet, jeep, knee)
ea (beast, peach, stream, repeat, please)
e_e (theme, Steve, Eve, concrete, evening)

igh (light, knight, flight, midnight, high)
ie (pie, tie, lie, spied, fried)
i_e (dice, pipe, kite, slide, hide)

oa (goat, toast, road, soap, loaf)
oe (toe, dominoes, foe, cargoes, tomatoes)
o_e (bone, throne, joke, stove, home)

Phonics games to support learning: (Click revise phase 5 sounds) (Click revise phase 5 sounds) (Click phase 3 digraphs) (Phonic apps to download)


Click on the following link to access a helpful guide to the correct pronunciation of phonics sounds: