Learning outside the classroom


Year 6 Beach Music - Term 1

Year 6 on the beach making music:

LO: Create rhythmic patterns with awareness of duration, dynamics and their surroundings

        Perform solos or as part of an ensemble

        To use natural elements to create music

Year 6 beach term 6 and 1 061               Year 6 beach term 6 and 1 060              Year 6 beach term 6 and 1 048

Year 6 beach term 6 and 1 045               Year 6 beach term 6 and 1 044              Year 6 beach term 6 and 1 041

Year 6 Digital Art - Term 2

Year 6 were sent out into the grounds of Battle Abbey on a mission:

LO: Use a digital Camera to Take Photographs

       Demonstrate an understanding of basic digital camera functions

       Use different photography composition principles when taking photographs

Take interesting photographs on a Learn Pad, consider the composition of the photograph, use filters etc. to enhance the piece if suitable. Take the photo from a different view point consider creating an interesting mood or feeling to the work.


IMG_E2186               IMG_1927          IMG_1937     



IMG_E3465              IMG_1919          IMG_E3981

Year 6 Inukshuk Building - Term 3

An Inukshuk is a constructed stone landmark or cairn used by the Inuit, Inupait, Kalaallit, Yupik and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America as a marker for navigation.

LO: Combine elements of design from a range of inspiational designers throughout history

        Explore how meaning can be communicated in verbal and non verbal ways such as art

        To use natural elements to create a representation of a given object

IMG_3272              IMG_3268              IMG_3254

IMG_3245              IMG_3242              IMG_3239

Year 6 Skimming Stones - Term 4