Learning outside the classroom

Year 4 Stone Faces - Term 1

Year 4 completed their stone faces badge in the middle of a Curriculum Stone Age Morning on the beach!

Look at the cave paintings they discovered!

LO: To develop ideas from different starting points in the curriculum

        Experiment with a range of media and art styles

IMG_2038            IMG_2081             IMG_2058

IMG_2023                 IMG_2048

There is a human maths number line on the beach!


Year 4 Beach Yoga - Term 2

Year 4 aim to get 'balance and control in their life'

LO: Demonstrate good kinaesthetic awareness

       To understand the benefits of exercise for the body

       Identify risks in the location and how to manage them

       To consider their surrounding environment

IMG_2670             IMG_2673           IMG_2711

IMG_2712            IMG_2724             IMG_2738