Reflective Leadership

As a school, we regularly assess ourselves, looking at our achievements and our impact.   The Leadership Team write a Self-Evaluation document to enable the school to reflect on our achievements and identify key areas for future development to support us on our journey.


Shared Leadership

Our leadership model is a tiered approach with leaders developing the school in many different ways. 

We have:

A Strategic Leadership Team who monitor, evaluate and plan for future developments

A Core Leadership Team who lead our core subject areas (Reading, Writing and Maths), whole school learning days and monitor the impact of training, subject development and pupil data across the school

Middle Leaders  lead the different subject areas across the school.  They monitoring learning, coverage, progression and enthusiasm towards their subject areas.  Our Middle Leaders develop whole school events and learning days, ensuring a clear progression of skills and coverage whilst developing a love of learning and enjoyment towards the different subject areas.


Growing Leadership

We use CPD and coaching models to ensure our leaders continue with their professional development and constantly progress and improve their skills, knowledge and understanding. We join in with development training through our academy trust, our local Alliance of schools, School-to-school support, our Local Authority and National training. 


Governing Leadership

Our Governors are very involved in the life of our school.  They support us with our strategic planning and challenge our ideas to ensure that every child at our school is given the opportunity to shine and progress to the best of their ability.

Our Governing Board meet on a regular basis and monitor our work towards our School Development Plan.  To find our a little more about our Governors, their role and to read their pen portraits, click here.


Emergent Leadership

We offer a wide variety of Leadership roles to our pupils.  They even have their own leadership page... Click here to find out more.  

We believe that our pupils are able to lead in many different ways, from sharing ideas and thinking through problems, to motivating and inspiring their peers.  Children apply for and are interviewed for many of the roles ensuring commitment and an enthusiasm to improve and develop our school.