Individual Liberty

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Our Pupils have played a key part in the creation of Pebsham Primary Academy and the direction we have taken as a school.   Pupils have supported us in the creation of our motto and in the development of our vision and values for the school.  Through working together, collaboratively, over the last 3 years, we have developed our unique curriculum, which encompasses our local community and the interests and  a love of learning shown by our pupils.  We teach children that they have a choice and that they can 'choose' to make a difference,both to their life and to the lives of others.

Our children have a voice and through the School Council have made a really difference to the school.  Each year our School Councillors lead projects across the school to further our development.  This year, our School Council have decided to have a termly newsletter - The Voice - to keep our school up-to-date with their work.

Pupils often lead charity fundraisers and these often link to people or children in our local community or neighbouring schools.  Pupil Leadership is key and we offer a range of leadership roles.    

Please see our Pupil Leadership page for further details.


Here are some of the ways our pupils have demonstrated their individual Liberty this year: 


  • We helped to choose our school motto: Pebsham – Where every child shines!
  • We can choose to join an after-school club, like Football, Karate, Singing or Zumba.
  • Our School Council are chosing well-being projects with a focus on play. 
  • We are able to choose the right level of work in some lessons.       Mild       Hot        Spicy     
  • We chose to raise money for a loal homeless chairty after hearing about the homeless cause in assembly.
  • We chose our School Logo.
  • We wrote our School Rules: The Pebsham 5.
  • We ask to raise money for chairities.
  • We designed the logo for our restaurant Dine and Shine.
  • We can choose which pieces of homework we do in our termly homework grid. 
  • We have the freedom to believe in what we want.
  • In assembly we learnt about how we can recycle rather than becoming a throwaway society.