Mutual Respect

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Mutual respect is at the heart of everything we do at Pebsham.  It can been seen in all we do, in how pupils conduct themselves and in the relationships between staff and pupils.  We support pupils with this aspect through role modelling and within our everyday life in the school.  Assemblies, school awards and our policies support pupils with their understanding and allow pupils to develop their own personal ethos towards their learning and towards others.

Our school vision, values and motto create an ethos for mutual respect and tolerance.     

Here are just a few of the ways our Pupils demonstrate their understanding of mutual respect:


  • We learn about respecting our local environment and leeping our beach clean and tidy.
  • We collect rubbish from our beach and monitor how much is being collected and what we can do about this.
  • We completed the Daily Mail's 'Great British Plastic Pick-up'.
  • We raised money to support the NSPCC and ChildLine - we raised almost £500.
  • Our New Year’s Resolution was to keep our school corridors tidy.
  • We work together to help one another in class and around the school.
  • In assemblies, we learn about respecting each other.
  • We celebrate our achievements every Friday in our Celebration assembly.
  • Our 1st School rule is about respecting ourselves and others
  • We always make visitors feel welcome in our school.
  • We learnt the Respect Rap!
  • We learn about kindness and respecting each other in our annual Anti-Bullying Week.
  • We learn about being kind and being a good friend in assemblies.
  • We learnt about Fair Trade and helping those with poor working conditions.
  • We earned our FairAware Award - 2 years running!
  • We celebrated International Day of Peace.
  • Our Green Team help us learn to respect our World.
  • We learn about being respectful on-line.
  • The children often lead assembly on Remembrance Day.
  • We learnt about encouraging others in assembly.
  • In assembly we thought about helping those with disabilities and asking if the person wants our help.
  • In assembly we learnt about respecting others online when we heard that Google turned 20 this year.
  • In assembly we learned about what it might be like living with a disability.